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1. a) has   

2. a) Simple Present Tense.   

3. b) go / there is / happens   

4. d) will   

5. b) He understood that he could be seen as a dreamer.   

6. d) Would you like to have a look at Bert Krages’ book?    

7. d) Hadn’t we missed the plane, we would all have been killed in the crash.   

8. b) I ought to read this book, oughtn’t I?    

9. b) Not until he received her call did he fully understand the situation.   

10. e) would   

11. b) knew – brought – wanted – made – was   

12. c) was unable to.   

13. c) went / stayed / spent / met / had   

14. b) “Might” expresses possibility.   

15. c) take – notice – come   

16. a) desirable   

17. b) to produce/not agree/to report   

18. c) express possibility  

19. b) adjective, modal, relative pronoun.    

20. a) “I will give the tower contract to the person with the highest offer”.   

21. b) Unless are should   

22. Soma: 18 (02+16)

23. c) got married fifty years ago.   

24. e) since – broke – was very poor    

25. d) Business crosses borders and your airline should, too.   



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