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1. (Esc. Naval 2015)  Which sequence best completes the quotation below?

“__________ Ebola outbreak in West Africa is already __________ global threat to __________ public health and it’s vital that __________ UK remains at __________ forefront of responding to __________ epidemic.” Michael Fallon, Defense Secretary, 2014.
(Adapted from
a) An/a/the/-/the/an   
b) -/the/-/the/-/an   
c) The/the/the/-/the/the   
d) An/-/-/the/-/-   
e) The/a/-/the/the/the   
2. (Unifor 2014)  Leia as sentenças abaixo e marque a opção correta de acordo com o uso dos artigos definido e indefinido:

I. Can you play a guitar?
II. I once played the guitar which had only five strings.
III. She started learning the piano at the age of five.
IV. I’ve always had a flute, ever since I was a child.
V. I’m afraid the violin is an instrument I never mastered.  

a) Todas estão corretas.    
b) Todas estão incorretas.    
c) Apenas os itens I e II estão errados.    
d) Apenas os itens III, IV, e V estão errados.    
e) Apenas os itens I, III e V estão corretos.   

3. (Ufsm 2004)
Europe is born 

In spring 1950 Europe was on the edge of the abyss. With the onset of the Cold War, the threat of conflict between its eastern and western halves loomed over the continent. Five years after the end of World War Two, the old enemies were still 11a long way from 2reconciliation. 

What could be done to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past and to create the right conditions for a 1lasting peace between such recent enemies? The nub of the problem was the relationship between France and Germany. 10A link had to be forged between the two and all the 5free countries in Europe had to be 3united around them so that they could work together on building a community with 9a shared destiny. It was Jean Monnet, with his unique wealth of experience as a negotiator and man of peace, who 4suggested to the French Foreign Minister, Robert Schuman, and the German Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, that 8a community of interest be established between their countries, in the shape of a jointly managed market in coal and steel under the control of an independent authority. The proposal was officially tabled by France on 9 May 1950, and was warmly received by Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. 

The treaty establishing the first European Community. the European Coal and Steel Community or ECSC, was eventually signed in April 1951, opening up the door to 12a Europe of 6practical achievements. Further achievements were to follow until we finally reached the European Union as it is today, 7a Union now opening up to the eastern half of the continent from which it has too long been separated. 06/06/03

No fragmento "a Union" (ref. 7), há uma eufonia. O mesmo processo ocorre em

a) a community (ref. 8).  
b) a shared destiny (ref. 9).  
c) A link (ref. 10).  
d) a long way (ref. 11).  
e) a Europe (ref. 12).     

4. (Pucpr 2001)  In which of the sentences we MUSTN'T use the article THE to complete the blanks?

a) ____ Statue of Liberty is visited by thousands of tourists every year.  
b) Lots of people enjoy ____ amount of time they spend outdoors.  
c) Richard Claydermann will play____ piano for hundred people in the theatre tomorrow.  
d) Economically, ____ London is considered one of the most important cities in Europe.  
e) Who is ____ next to be interviewed?   

5. (Ufpi 2001) 
A Victim's Story 

Imagine waking up in a hospital trauma unit and being told by a doctor that your 15 year-old-brother is dead. I wished I had died with him. Tim and I were very close as brothers and spent a lot of time together. A drunk driver - with a blood alcohol level of more two times the legal limit - ended this. My mother and Dad lost a son, and my sister and I lost a brother.

The weather was cool, but bright and sunny on May 15, 1981. Tim and I were going on a fishing trip. Tim had just bought a new fishing rod with money from part-time jobs after school. He was anxious to try out his new rod. On the way up we stopped to get something to eat. Tim was a real outdoor person - he loved nature and outdoor activities. The crash occurred when a drunk driver crossed over the center line of the road and hit us head-on. Tim and I were rushed to a hospital.

The doctors tried to    I    Tim so they could ___II    him to the Hospital    III    Sick Children in Toronto.    IV    Tim's injuries were massive,      V    in the end they    VI    save him - Tim died.    VII    impact of the crash    VIII    devastating on the whole    IX    . My sister, who was    X    13 years old, did not want to believe that Tim was dead and insisted that he had gone fishing for the weekend, and would be back on Sunday. I spent a couple of months in the trauma unit. I did not get a chance to say goodbye to my little brother. Tim's funeral was held while I was in hospital. They say time heals all wounds - if that's true then there are a lot of wounds still trying to heal...
            Doug Abernethy
(Adaptado de:

fishing rod - caniço, vara de pescar
try out - experimentar
crash - colisão
head on - de frente, frontal
injury - ferimento, escoriação, traumatismo
heal - sarar, curar, cicatrizar
wound - ferida 

Complete a lacuna VII do texto marcando uma das opções apresentadas a seguir:

a) a  
b) those  
c) other  
d) the  
e) new     

6. (Pucpr 2000)  Which is the correct alternative about the use of the article "the" in the phrases below?

 I - You mustn't smoke in class.
II- Marcos has all the right qualifications for __________  job.
III - Sometimes there are shows in __________ Central Park.
IV - ___________ Mercury is the smallest planet in __________ Solar System.
V - __________ liberty and __________ democracy are idealized since __________ French Revolution.

a) Only in sentences I and II it's necessary to use the article THE.  
b) It's correct to use THE in all blank spaces.  
c) In alternatives I, III, IV and V it's correct to complete the spaces with THE.  
d) About alternative V, it only needs the article in the third space.  
e) We have to use THE in the second space of phrase number IV.   

7. (Pucrs 1999) 
It's a Miracle 

Tourists traveling to Israel to mark a certain 2,000th birthday will be able to celebrate in New Testament style. In September, the National Parks Authority is planning to open a 1$4.5 million submerged, crescent-shaped bridge in the Sea of Galilee. On it, as many as 280 pilgrims at a time will be able to walk on water - or at least wade in two inches of 3it. Bubbles rising at the edges of the 12-foot-wide transparent platform will be 4the only markers preventing pilgrims from taking a 5plunge. Is the structure sacrilegious? The Roman Catholic Church says no. "It will not improve faith, hope and love," ------says Pietro Sambi, 6the pope's ambassador to Jerusalem. "But from the touristic point of view, it could be just a nice idea."
Newsweek, March 99.

 The indefinite article, as in "a $4.5 million (...) bridge" (ref.1), is used INCORRECTLY in

a) a $1.6 million house.  
b) a $5.9 million plan.  
c) a $7.2 million jet.  
d) a $10.1 million yacht.  
e) a $11.5 million project.   



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